Barings buys mixed-use asset in Cologne, Germany

Barings buys mixed-use asset in Cologne, Germany

Icon Industrial Delivers Grade A Warehouse at Harlow Site

Icon Industrial Delivers Grade A Warehouse at Harlow Site

Sun & Snow Group on the river

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Sun & Snow vouchers as a gateway to semi-tourism

Sun & Snow reacts to the growing popularity of the phenomenon of workation and adapts its voucher to the needs of the rapidly changing jobs and non-wage benefits market. Thanks to the offer of Sun & Snow, the company can invite an employee to an interesting resort, where he or she will work remotely for several days, and after working hours, will have the opportunity to take advantage of tourist activities. This kind of benefits can be used by companies e.g., as a form of reward for best employees or a very attractive motivational factor. 

Before the pandemic broke out and a series of restrictions on movement were introduced, remote work was one of the more desirable non-wage benefits, and many employees associated it with an exceptional privilege. However, with the necessity of remote work, its nature has changed significantly. As of March 2020, it has become an everyday reality for many employees and will remain so for a long time, at least as part of the hybrid model used by many companies.

According to a report released by Gartner, by the end of 2021, 51 percent of all employees who only need a computer to perform their duties will be working remotely. This compares to only 27 percent in 2019. Considering that with remote work, many benefits have become meaningless, employers and HR departments haven’t stopped looking for new ways to keep employees motivated. Sun & Snow, a company that rents holiday apartments, has recently introduced a solution based on popular vouchers, which can be an interesting alternative to classic remote work.

”We know that after more than a year and a half of home office, employees feel incredibly tired. Home conditions do not always allow for effective work, and in many cases make it impossible. Reconciling professional and private duties, sometimes in a limited space, causes many negative effects, and their elimination is in the interest of both employees and their employers. Therefore, more and more often we see the trend of companies renting apartments and dedicating them to remote work, thus offering their employees a break from everyday life and the possibility of practicing tourism in their free time. We offer apartments that are perfect for this purpose. Apart from the possibility of private booking, we also offer vouchers, which are a great benefit financed from the Company Social Benefits Fund (ZFŚS)

Mariola Skorupa, Product Manager at Sun & Snow Group

The Sun & Snow offer includes vouchers that can be used in one of more than 2000 apartments all over Poland and they are valid for 24 months.

”Apart from individual stays, corporate rental is gaining popularity – it consists in the fact that employers themselves rent out apartments and make them available to their employees. Increasingly, employees of selected corporations or managers look favorably on these solutions and influence their HR departments to expand the offer of available benefits. Freedom in the choice of non-wage benefits, as well as the place and time of their realization is an effective motivational system, giving satisfaction to the employees and comfort to the management. Spending free time tailored to individual preferences and recreation will be more and more popular categories of non-wage benefits, which results from the latest data on HR trends’, adds Mariola Skorupa.

In 2021/2022, the popularity of workation, i.e., working from typical vacation places, will probably be greater than benefits related to stationary work in an office. An example can be meal subsidies, which was one of the more valued non-wage benefits. Such subsidies in the era of remote work have lost their value, and employees expect that they will be replaced with new, adjusted to the prevailing reality, benefits.

Sun & Snow Group is the largest operator managing the rental of more than 2 thousand apartments in over 30 resorts and cities in Poland. It has been on the market since 2008. Sun & Snow has also introduced a new quality to the development market under the brand Sun & Snow Resorts, building holiday apartments aimed at both individual clients and investors. The Group has so far completed development projects in Szklarska Poręba, Zakopane and Kołobrzeg, while Sun & Snow Resorts Białka Tatrzańska is under construction. The Group also includes Sun & Snow Real Estate – a specialised company dealing with consultancy in the area of investments in real properties for rent. Sun & Snow Group has unique competences and knowledge to support both individual investors and developers throughout the investment process and later on – in the management of existing holiday properties.

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