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Conren Land completes redesign of the Houses of Fashion in Eschborn near Frankfurt

Conren Land completes redesign of the Houses of Fashion...

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JOIN21 – Really Understanding a Company Organization

Proptech company JOIN21 founder and CEO Jan Taug answers a few questions about their company organization tool Agiliate ahead of our visual round table event Office Recovery 2021.

How does JOIN21 help organizations adapt to the new hybrid ways of working?

In the past, the organization had to adapt to the office, now it is the other way around.
Forward leaning leaders globally are investigating the right hybrid formula for their organization,
knowing that a good formula will create engagement, innovation, and competitive advantages. After
the experience of the past year, employees are reporting feeling more trusting, productive, and
engaged by remote work, which means they will demand flexibility moving forward, and if they
don’t get the flexibility, they are looking for, they will find a company that offers it.

JOIN21 help organizations to find the right hybrid formula by looking at the organization as a
network of relationships where we look at silos, the culture carriers, the flow of expertise, innovation
and productivity. Based on the needs of the organization the new flexible office is built to secure the
right flow across the organizations.

What is the future of the office space like, and how will the concept of “office” change in the coming

Our research shows that 20% of respondents want to return to the office full-time, while another 20% would prefer to work fully remote and 60% lean toward a hybrid setup. Some leaders fear that everyone wants to remain 100% remote, but data show that no need to fear that they never come back.

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The pandemic has been a major challenge for the real estate sector and the industry is searching for the best way forward in an environment where nobody knows exactly where we are heading. One major upheaval has been the workspace. With multiple lockdowns and working remotely, the central role the physical office has always played in a company’s strategy and budget must be reassessed. Do we still need offices – and if so what kind of offices? Is working from home really just as effective? REnews is pleased to invite you to Office Recovery 2021, a round table discussion by industry experts on the latest in the office sector recovery process.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Online – Zoom

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What are some of the biggest challenges companies face today when planning a return to physical space? 

A big mistake leaders and executives crafting back-to-the-office strategies can make is introducing a top-down process. You do not want a setup that makes talent look elsewhere. The process needs to be employee-focused with freedom and flexibility built into the design.

Can you tell us more about the project called Agiliate? 

Agiliate defines and predicts future workplace scenarios. With Agiliate, collaboration data is matched with the physical workplace. Organizations can monitor and assess potential outcomes of re-location, re-organization or re-construction, prior to decision making.

There is a strong need for a holistic approach to the new work arena. Agiliate measures how organizations interact across your entire work arena – whether it’s the formal headquarters, a subsidiary, work from home, or an outsourced co-working location.

Agiliate program
Image: JOIN21

What factors should leaders consider when deciding on the layout of a new office? 

  • Togetherness: How many people are at the office at the same time, much less than you think, but depending on type of company.
  • Desk occupancy was <50% prior to 2020, and is dropping further.
  • Employees prefer to come to the office for collaboration and to socialize.
  • Employees prefer a hybrid work week of 1 to 3 working days in the office.
  • ≈ 50% of office tenants in the Nordics expect to use fewer m2 per employee.

The old way: Manual, prone to bias; Represents users collectively; Costly and time consuming; Endorses current collaboration; Shows the organization as stand-alone

The Agiliate way: Digital and objective; Represents users individually; Reduces costs, time, resources​; Improves and redefines collaboration; Shows the organization in relation to partners.

Who should use Agiliate?

  • Organizations undergoing change and re-organization.
  • Office tenants on the move, considering relocation.
  • Owners of office buildings who want to front-run the needs of tenants.
  • Developers of business clusters seeking the optimal match between tenants.
  • Advisors of commercial real estate, brokers, technical consultants, and other architects.
Agiliate screenshot
Image: JOIN21
Retail outlets
Image: JOIN21
Graph from JOIN21
Image: JOIN21

About JOIN21

Only 10% of leaders understand their organization as a network. With PhD’s and many years of experience we help you become leaders in a connected world. We map, assess and implement innovation in businesses. After working with us, managers work faster and smarter than the competitors. We work in 4 phases. Mapping a baseline, improving digital fitness, impact and benchmarking analytics.

In case you wonder, for us the Next generation service company focuses on people and technology. We use insights and advanced technology to help you understand how your organization really works, and we have programs and services that help solve your problems. We HELP ORGANIZATIONS OPTIMIZE AND GROW IN A CONNECTED YET DISTRIBUTED WORLD. We help you get the needed digital fitness internally, and then we help digitalize your services toward your customers. We offer you technology adoption programs that help managers, workers and partners turning usage into business effects. Together we build digital fitness and an organizational infrastructure making you adapt as business change. We help you lead in an increasingly connected world. See also

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