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UKCM acquires Trafford Retail Park near Manchester for £33...

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Exclusive REnews Interview with Office Design Studio CAPEXUS

Member of the collective Studio Alliance, Prague-based CAPEXUS is at the forefront of new workplace design at a particularly sensitive time for the industry, plagued both by the after effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic and changing habits caused by evolving technology.

How would you characterize the current stock of office assets – both buildings and interior space – available in and around Prague which you have to work with?

Positively. In Q2 2021, gross take-up on the Prague office saw 10% increase in a year-on-year comparison.


Could you tell us more about the relationship you build with the leasing agent and the end user during the design process?

We have seen a greater demand for comprehensive workspace solutions. Every company and every department or team within a company is different and for a quality design, you need to know the company in detail. This is exactly the purpose of workplace consultancy as a service. Without that you are not able to provide a truly high-quality interior design.

We often start with a company-wide inspirational presentation of new trends and possibilities in the company’s workspaces, during which we also clarify any questions and concerns about the new work concept.

This is followed by workshops with the employees, during which we try to get to know their work routines, space needs, team spirit, culture, the atmosphere in the department, as well as whether the location suits them.

How do your design solutions affect the lives of a company’s employees and its culture? Have you received any feedback from employers in terms of work performance? What are employees looking for in the workplace today?

Dramatically, since you spend more than 90% indoors and more than 30 % of that time is work. Increasingly important and in-demand by employees is wellbeing and a healthy working environment with ergonomic furniture, sit-stand desks, proper air exchange and so on.

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The pandemic has been a major challenge for the real estate sector and the industry is searching for the best way forward in an environment where nobody knows exactly where we are heading. One major upheaval has been the workspace. With multiple lockdowns and working remotely, the central role the physical office has always played in a company’s strategy and budget must be reassessed. Do we still need offices – and if so what kind of offices? Is working from home really just as effective? REnews is pleased to invite you to Office Recovery 2021, a round table discussion by industry experts on the latest in the office sector recovery process.

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in a post-pandemic world, what are the latest trends in office design? 

The joint belief of projects we’ve worked on for Vodafone, Avast, T-Mobile, UniCredit Bank and other companies is that employees will spend the majority of their office time collaborating and doing creative teamwork, which is better done face-to-face.

Flexibility – where employees can choose where to work from within the office – is one of the most important aspects of a modern, functional workplace, and this trend is gaining momentum along with sustainability. Related to hybrid working is the digitisation and adaptation of meeting rooms to video calls – both those sitting in the office and employees connected remotely need to have the same experience of the meeting. 



Our mission is to change the workplace for the better. We design and create new offices so that their occupants can work better.

More than 80 of our experts specialize in workplace architecture, implementation, project management and consultancy. Over eight years, we have transformed the working environment of more than 400 companies.

We listen to your needs, propose modifications to the interior and ensure the smooth running of the entire implementation process. We will arrange your new offices from A to Z.

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