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Bright Spaces and InteRo Property Development launch InteRoVerse, the virtual 3D platform showcasing the developer’s entire residential portfolio

Bright Spaces and InteRo Property Development enter the age of integrated 3D web digital experience for residential assets. The two companies announced their partnership this year and are now proud to launch InteRoVerse. InteRoVerse is a revolutionary way to make buying a home by InteRo Property Development easy and flawless as buyers can explore their future home and details about location, commute, amenities, availability, materials and pricing all within a click of a few buttons.

Digital solution InteRoVerse now maps NorthLight Residence and New Confort City, to which, SkyLight Residence, Pajurei 3 Residence and SunLight Residence will begin to be added to the platform by end of 2022 to the start of 2023. The platform offers a unique, and convenient virtual user experience, enabling future occupiers to easily:

  • tour available apartments in a 3D web virtual environment by walking through the apartment getting an idea of what the actual apartment interior and exterior look like
  • discover tech specs for each home (walls, floors, heating systems, bathroom facilities) by clicking on the inside/outside pinpoints
  • select the fit-out option
  • locate InteRo projects in Bucharest and the main points of interest (airports, shops, restaurants, transportation, pool, parking spots, etc.)
  • see the direction routes to enter and exit the complex creating an easy commute plan for the busy life of residents
  • book a visit or request an offer by filling in a lead form on the bottom of the projects pages or by viewing a preferred apartment and then clicking the call-to-action, `Request an offer`

This first solution of its kind aims to answer clients’ majority of questions instantly, thus helping them make decisions easier and faster. Seeing the homes through digital replicas simplifies the buying process and improves the customer journey.

The Bright Spaces solution requires no tech knowledge, can be shared through a simple link to all decision-makers and helps people save time and money. InteRoVerse makes buying a home experience one where you do not need to visit the apartment to see it, but rather you can be anywhere in the world and feel like you are physically in your new home.

For now, the two projects listed on the platform are:

  • NorthLight Residence – 5 buildings with a total of 110 luxury apartments and provides residents a pool, barbeque area, bar area, garden, children’s playground all with a lake view.
  • New Confort City – 4 buildings with a total of 280 affordable apartments providing residents a community that includes a children playground, dog park, garden area, mini market, and salon.

Projects that will be on the platform starting Q1 2023:

  • SkyLight Residence is situated in the central part of the City (Obor area), the 10-hectares mixed-use project will provide upon its completion a total of 89,000 sqm of office space and 270,000 sqm of residential.
  • Pajurei 3 Residence is the developer’s first luxury project, featuring approximately 160 luxury apartments, which will be located in an exclusive area in Pajura, Northern Bucharest. InteRo has a PUZ, has chosen an Architect and revised the Project, with construction scheduled to start in Q1 2023.
  • SunLight Residence is located in Tunari and will include approximately 300 3-room and 2-room apartments. Residents are offered a beautiful escape from the city and commercial space bringing convenience and ease to everyday life.

“The real estate environment and processes are getting digitized because all decision-makers now request online presence from their providers. Home buyers search for their next home online and InteRoVerse meets them with a solution that exceeds their expectations: 3D tours, digital replicas, intuitive search, interactivity. To survive and grow, it is important to understand your customers and the market. InteRo shows high agility and adaptability by adopting the Bright Spaces solution and we are thrilled to reshape the home-buying processes together.” – Bogdan Nicoara, CEO & Cofounder Bright Spaces. 

It is an honor to lead the launch of InteRoVerse, a virtual reality experience showcasing InteRo’s residential portfolio. InteRo’s mission is to improve the customer journey and InteRoVerse offers homebuyers an easy and enjoyable buying experience. Homebuyers can walk through any available InteRo apartment, and see tech specs showing materials used on the interior of the apartment and within the complex. Within an instant, homebuyers can then contact our sales team in two ways. Firstly, homebuyers can fill in a lead form at the bottom of the platform. Another way homebuyers can Request an offer, in which the homebuyer will be contacted within a short time following up on the apartment of interest. Furthermore, InteRoVerse has improved the way we market offers, available apartments, and pricing to homebuyers in an all-in-one central web hub.” – Ashton Topolinski, Head of Marketing at InteRo Property Development.

Backend management dashboards allow InteRo to track availability, status, financials, touring, and offering requests. At the same time, the solution will be used as a marketing tool by InteRo, in order to generate interest from potential customers who are looking for an innovative approach in communication.

InteRoVerse can be digitally explored here:

About Bright Spaces

BRIGHT SPACES is a European Venture Backed PropTech startup that offers a complete digital showcasing and commercializing solution for office and residential spaces. By using 3D visualization, digital space availability, and various automation, optimization, and digitalization features in the leasing or selling process, Bright Spaces aims to increase the number of relevant requests and to foster commercial agreements in these segments.

About InteRo Property Development

INTERO PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT is a progressive real estate company owned by Michael Topolinski III and led with his Partners, Michael Topolinski IV, Tyler Topolinski and Ashton Topolinski. The Canadian family started to invest in Romania’s real estate market in 2007 seeing the opportunity in real estate and aspiring to establish a forward-leaning company.

InteRo has built the company into a real estate development business dedicated to design and technology driven by innovative concepts with a vision to create high-quality living and working spaces for our communities in Romania.


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